My sky map

What is a sky map? It may look like a natal chart, but it’s a bit different. The map displays the position of constellations at the time of my birth. But it’s not a natal chart, because I don’t use it for astrology; there are no houses and that sort of things… Just a pure astronomy interpretation. I have no idea what this means when it comes to horoscope, but I just thought that it would be interesting to include a sky map here.

The picture was taken in a program called “Planetarium” and the position of the constellations was calculated with the help of it, though I have to say that I can calculate the look of the sky manually. I was born at 9:55 am, but I calculated this for 9:12 pm, because, as we all know, only one star is visible during the day. :) So this is not really sky map of my birth, I was 11 hours old at the time.

My sky map

How to look: imagine that you’re standing in the middle of a valley, with the night sky above. Above your head, is the zenith. My sky map example: there were no bright stars in the zenith, but you can spot Ursa Minor constellation- the Big Bear – very near. Now, try to imagine that the circle from the image is actually a half-sphere, and that all the spots from the end of the circle are at the horizon. So, basically, anything that’s near the centre of the map circle is high on the sky; anything far from the center is low.

What we see here is that Gemini constellation was really low on the horizon (the top), but it
was still visible. Some other popular constellations were visible as well: Ursa Minor & Ursa Maior
(the Big and Small Dipper), Cygnus (the Swan), Cassiopeia and Lyra, with my favourite star- Vega. You can also find some other zodiac constellations, such as Leo, Virgo, Libra, etc… And according to the map, Jupiter and Saturn were also visible at that moment.

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