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Blogging trend started a few years ago, in specialized communities, such as LiveJournal, Xanga and DeadJournal. With the growing number of php blogging scripts almost anybody can install a blog. Some people even have multiple blogs. That is not a bad thing, but then again, I saw more pointless, boring and, dare to say, idiotic blogs than quality ones.


Most of the people use blogs because it’s “in” to have one. They join a community or install a blogging script and only then start thinking what to write. In most of the cases, the blog is used to record every pointless moment of someone’s day. That junk is far away from being interesting to anybody, including blogger’s best friends… So why would anybody want to have that kind of stuff on the front page? Maybe it’s just me, but I always skip that kind of blog entries.

Then again, there are people who go too far and reveal really personal stuff about themselves, their family and friends. Hey, write whatever you want about yourself, but you don’t have any right on violating other people’s privacy. Those people usually have a note going like this: “if you know me in real life, respect my privacy and leave” along the lines of their disclaimers. Hey, you can’t do that. Internet is open for everyone; anybody can read anything- you can’t prevent certain people from entering your site. If you really don’t feel comfortable, why don’t you password-protect your entries? I see- you might lose some of your regular audience- people who enjoy reading “drama queen” posts.

Of course, there’s another group of bloggers- wannabe writers. Their sentences are long, full of complicated words and generally pretty boring and confusing. And egocentric. Occasionally, they post their poems and short stories, in order to get positive feedback and feel so good about themselves. Interesting, most of those bloggers are 15 year old pierced girls. Sadly, they still didn’t realize that poetry is the most demanding genre in literature, and it’s not for everybody.

Use your blog

There’s one thing I really don’t understand: why using blog simply as an online diary, if you can make more of it? Generally, nobody’s reading offline diaries; diaries are not meant to be read. Blog, in my opinion, is more than “just” a diary; it can be much more, if you know how to use it.

Think of a blog as a great way to express you opinion. Write about all the things you feel strongly about; that will make your blogs much more interesting for the visitors. Don’t write about last day’s shopping at the mall; write about shopping in general- for example, what does it mean to be a “shopaholic”. Write in you own words. That does not have to be a serious essay, but at least show us that you have an actual opinion about the world around you.

But by all means: be honest. Choose a subject that is familiar to you; don’t force yourself to write about serious stuff unless you have some sort of actual experience concerning that subject. Chances are that at an age of 13 you won’t know much about politics; so don’t just repeat what you’ve heard from your parents. Subject doesn’t have to be serious at all; it’s your writing that matters.

You don’t have to use long and complicated words in order to sound smart; on the contrary. Use the words you know, but pay attention on grammar and spelling. Don’t abuse “CapsLock” button. Use punctuation, at least these magical entities: ; . ? (Exclamation mark is a good thing, by the way, but it’s usually abused in blogs. So, use poor ! as little as you can). Don’t insert numbers instead of letters in your words; remember- not everybody speak English as their first language! Remember that people in their mind read numbers in their own language, so if you write “2 do”, French visitor will read it as “deux do” which is just confusing.

And the point is…

People with well-written, quality blogs don’t even need a visitor content in order to have many unique hits a day. People who managed to present themselves as intelligent, unique people will gain more respect. Visitors will actually go to their sites because of them, their writing and their personality. Think about it.

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