Rules of a chick lit (and what can we learn from it)

- It’s written for women.

– It’s written for young (and “young” women who just can’t accept the fact that they are not young anymore).

– It’s written for young (and “young” women) living in the cities.
(Yeah, like nobody else reads. Am I right?)

-Main character in a chick lit is (guess what?)- an “urban” young woman living in a city.

-She is white, upper class (or upper middle class) and doesn’t really know anything about the real-world problems.

-She is not married, wants to have a brilliant career, and hate kids…

-… but desperately looking for a husband (even though authors don’t always call the man of her dreams “husband”… Marriage is not popular anymore. Nor is maternity).

-She works in the: a) fashion industry or b) publishing or, perhaps c) some sort of public relations/marketing/similar crap. NONE of the chick lit heroines are mathematicians, nuclear physicians or philosophers (if you don’t count endless “philosophy” about differences between men and women).

-She is obsessed with shoes.

-She is obsessed with cosmetics.

-When she’s feeling down, she goes shopping.

-She is desperately looking for a guy to become her boyfriend and later, husband (though author would never admit the husband thing… waait, I already said this).

So, what can we learn from the chick lit?

-”Taking care of yourself” equals taking care of your physical appearance.

-In order to be satisfied with your love and sex life, you have to buy (shoes, clothes, cosmetics). If you didn’t depilate your legs for 3 days, you should forget about love and sex because no man would want you.

-Men and women are 100% different. They are so different that they can’t understand each other in any way, despite the fact that they, after all, belong to the same species (Homo Sapiens Sapiens).

-If a man has bad shoes, he is not worth your attention.

-In order to be satisfied with your love and sex life, you have to buy.

-In order to be satisfied with your life in general, you have to buy.

Yeah, you got the idea.

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