Stating your opinion on a website

To tell you the truth, opinion sections on personal sites can really piss me off. Don’t get me wrong, there are witty webmasters you know how to express their point of view in a form of an interesting article. It’s the majority that sucks (as usual).

Sadly, writing opinions is just another web trend. While it’s suitable to express your opinion on a personal site (rather than on a hosting domain) many people create “ramblings” and “scribblings” sections just because it’s “in”. Remember, not long time ago, personal sections on most of the sites contained only quiz results, surveys and long lists of favourites.

Expressing you opinion and writing about the issues you care about is what a personal site should be. But then again, it looks like the majority of webmasters pick the same 3-4 subjects to write about: abortion, religion, racism, war in Iraq (less and less these days, thank God!) That’s not the worst thing. The worst thin is, all of those writings look like they were copied from the same source. It feels like there’s a pattern that everybody wants to follow.

For example: racism. “I believe racism is wrong. All the people are the same and discrimination is a bad thing.” Nice. How altruistic. But I don’t see any actual opinion here. It looks like you simply repeated what you’ve heard from your teacher (or another politically correct source). If you really believe racism is wrong, write that in your own words, stating you experience. You can not have a real opinion if you don’t have some experience in the subject, at least when it comes to this kind of things.

Another wrong way to go is to be undecided. “Abortion is wrong, but then again, every woman has full right to choose if she’s going to have a baby or not”. You didn’t say anything here. Statements like this are really pointless and show that you don’t have any actual opinion on the subject. There’s no real point in doing that. Don’t write about a subject if you’re undecided. Don’t write about a subject if you’re afraid to tell what you really think.

What is a real problem here? Webmasters feel they have to write about serious issues, in order to sound smart and conversant. Wrong. Any subject can be interesting if article is well written; and you will write better if you are really interested in the subject. It’s impossible to write about something that you don’t really know. And it’s not a shame to admit that, at the age of 13, you don’t really know much about some “serious” issues. If you really want to express yourself, write about the things that make you happy, or, even better, the things that make you angry. And when I say “you”, I really mean you- not your parents, not your friends, not your teachers, and especially not people on the news.

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