Why “Twilight” spittings?

Why not? After all, I dislike “Twilight” novels (if they can be called “novels”) and I want to share my rants with the world.

Right. But, why bother?

There are many things I dislike, and sometimes ignoring them is the best option. Why bother writing about them, then? Even more, reviewing them and ranting about them and wasting your precious time on them?

True. And I do value my own time. I’d never bother with anything simply because I dislike it. With “Twilight”, it’s different. Like it or not (I certainly don’t), these books are (or were) really popular. They became some sort of international “phenomenon”, and are part of today’s popular culture. I am sure the hype will die pretty soon, but until then, they are here to criticize, and even more, to explore their cultural impact.

Now, I am not saying they’ve made a strong cultural impact; but there is something about those books that made 14 year old girls around the world adore them. Ok, that I can understand. What is more challenging (and interesting to analyze) is why so many (female) adults love these books, even with all the unhealthy messages they’re sending to the kids around the world. And in order to criticize, I must read the books in question. And while I’m at it, why wouldn’t I post observations on my personal website?

So, yes: I’ve read the books in question

And boy, they make me really angry. They make me lose faith in human intelligence. They make me sad because- no matter how insignificant they are in the grand scheme of things- they do portray certain aspects of our world (teenagers and their lack of taste, publishers, media, and even such things as abstinence programs).

Negative criticism

I’ve never received any negative criticism concerning these posts. All the comments were highly positive and written by people who obviously share my opinion (and universal sense of logic). Although I must admit my site is not popular at all, so it could be an explanation. However, I’d love to think it’s because nobody REALLY likes “Twilight”, not even the girls whose biggest wet dream is Edward Cullen.

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